Hmm, who can answer my questions?
Who do I contact for emergencies, concerns, complaints, and general questions?

See the contact page here.

How long can I stay in guest parking?

All the parking spaces in the community are short-term and for guests only.  Guests are allowed to park for up to 24 hours.  If you notify the Community Manager in an email [add hyperlink], guest vehicles can stay up to 3 days.  In a pinch, residents can temporarily park in the guest parking spaces for up to 30 minutes.

Please remember, we are a small community and your neighbors probably already know which vehicles are yours, especially if you frequently use guest parking.  Just because your neighbors aren’t discussing it with you, doesn’t mean they are okay with you using the shared parking. 

What happened to the previous landscaper?

The former landscape contractor had changed management and there were substantial problems behind the scenes.  We went to great effort to see the gardeners with that company could transfer to our current landscaping company, but it didn’t end up working out. Our current landscape contractor is also not perfect, but we are working with them to try to better their performance.

What is being done about the grassy slope along Vallarta?

We are working with the landscaping contractor to find better plants for the slope and to trim the grass down below more often.

Should I be worried about coyotes?


Don’t be mistaken: there are coyotes that pass through our neighborhood nightly.  However, they want nothing to do with people.  Big, small, young, or old: there is not a human in Orange County the coyotes want to anything to do with.   Important things to remember:

  • DO NOT FEED THE COYOTES! Just like racoons, squirrels, and deer, coyotes are wild animals and should not be fed.
  • Keep small pets on a short leash or indoors. Coyotes typically hunt rabbits, squirrels, rats, and other rodents, but they will happily go after outdoor house cats or small, unleashed dogs that run around the corner out of sight.  This includes retractable leashes where small dogs can run around corners out of sight.