Monthly Dues:                                   $350.00


Monthly Meetings:    Second Wednesday of every month.  All home owners welcome.


Annual Meeting:       JULY – 3RD WEDNESDAY AT 7:30 PM PER BYLAWS


Clubhouse               18531 Vallarta ~ Huntington Beach, CA 92646

                                    $200.00 Deposit (refundable)

  • Free to rent the clubhouse
  • Clubhouse can be reserved no more than 30 days and no less than 10 days in advance.
  • Home owner Judy Branca will provide the clubhouse key and do the follow up inspection.


Keys:                          There is one (1) key for the pool area, restrooms and tennis court (Clubhouse key separate and shared upon reservation).

Fees:  There is a non-refundable fee of $50.00 to replace the pool key. The cost for the second replacement key is $75.00 and the third is $100.00.


Fences:                       HOMEOWNER RESPONSIBILITY

Dunn Edwards – Okon # 627 Semi-Transparent or Solid Stain on all the exterior wood fences and top cap

Vinyl Fences:              Specs are in Association Folder under Architectural. Current approved vendors for vinyl fence installation:

  • Saddleback Fencing 888-498-4695
  • PCW Contracting Services 949-548-9969
  • Tri-Star Construction 714-237-9980


Doors:                         HOMEOWNER RESPONSIBILITY

Changes to the front door or installation of a screen door must be submit to the architectural committee for approval prior to installation

Rain Gutters/Downspouts:             HOMEOWNER RESPONSIBILITY

Roofs:                         ASSOCIATION RESPONSIBILITY

Type of Roofs:            Tile

Governing Docs:

Fine Policy:

First Offense         $0                    15 days to correct

Second Offense     $75.00             15 days to correct / hearing

Third Offense       $150.00           15 days to correct / hearing

Fourth Offense      $250.00           15 days to correct / hearing-may refer to legal

Fifth Offense         $250.00           Hearing / turn over to legal

Paint Colors:  

Rear patio fences and top cap: Dunn Edwards – Okon # 627 Semi-Transparent Stain

Front dividing fences: Stockhorse 6126

Paint colors for the Association         Brett Wells ~ (714) 402-8988

                                    (Exterior) Frazee Paint                       Melisa Nash ~ (714) 348-2166

                                    Crisp Khaki ~ Beige Scheme             Fenland ~ Green Scheme

                                    Exterior ~ 8233M                               Exterior ~ 8174M

                                    Trim/Doors ~ White Shadow ~181    Trim/Doors ~ White Shadow~181

Iron ~ Black                                        Iron ~ Black

*Perimeter Wall ~ 8233M                  *Perimeter Wall ~ 8233M

Bark Mulch ~

                                    Exterior ~ 8734M

                                    Trim/Doors ~ White Shadow ~181

Iron ~ Black

*Perimeter Wall ~ 8233M

*Perimeter wall only applies to residences on Pueblo that back up to Chapel

Dunn Edwards “Spartashield” Flat in a Frazee color # 181 White Shadow on all the white wood trim

Items painted: stucco, eaves, fascia, beams, posts, balconies, decks, window surrounds, iron, garage doors, pool area, mailbox, chimney caps.

Garage Sales:            Homeowner Must Obtain Permission from the Board to avoid potential conflict with existing clubhouse reservations.

Parking Spaces:        City of Huntington Beach ordinance Title 23, Chapter 231 & City Code 231.04 requires 1/2 parking space per unit for common interest developments designated as “Guest Parking Only”.  Therefore, Huntington View Point is required to have 40 parking spaces designated as Guest Parking Only.  There are 41 parking spaces throughout community.

Security Patrol:         California Safety Agency                   (866) 996-6990

                                    8932 Katella #108

                                    Placentia, CA 92870

                                   They patrol our neighborhood multiple times throughout day and night, seven days a week.

Pest Control           

General Pest:               Rodent Pest Technologies                   (951) 509-5594

                                    P.O. Box 4548

                                    Riverside, CA  92514

  • Common area treatments includes rats, mice, ants, spiders, Oriental and American cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish
  • Service day is the 2nd Monday of each month.
  • Homeowners can schedule interior and backyard treatment on the monthly service date for $25.00. Have the homeowner call (888) 583-9717 to schedule (excludes bedbugs, fleas and German roaches)



Termites:                     HOMEOWNER RESPONSIBILITY

Homeowners Insurance Recommendations

See the flyer prepared specific to our community regarding the minimum coverage recommended.